Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Five days old and loving life!

My son...... The most beautiful baby boy in the universe. We are simply loving our time with him day and night. We're over the humps most ladies face in breastfeeding and now we're just enjoying each moment as it comes. Currently L. is dosing on my chest as I recline on the sofa... suppressing sleep so as to update this blog.

There are no words to describe being a mother. And it is very true you don't understand a mother's love until you are one. It's the weight of the world in love. I would give anything for this little guy. And I appreciate my own mother and all that she has done for me through the years.

Last night as we watched him sleep I asked L. to say 5 days old forever.. to which my husband frowned and said he wanted him to grow up so he could do all the father-son things. Playing catch, learning about outdoors, camping, bugs. S. is such an awesome man. He's so present in our lives. He isn't off somewhere mentally- spaced out on what really matters. And until L. grows bigger Papa will have to be patient and love him like he is below.

L. is priority Number 1! And how could he not be with a face like an angel...

We are thrilled that he is here and he is entrusted to our care. May God find us to be faithful stewards of His precious little creation.

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cakldouglas said...

It looks like we had our sons on the same day! Logan was born at 12:21 the 17th..we are still getting settled with balancing 3 but all is well..glad you are doing good..