Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Good Day:

Dare I ask, the calm before the storm??? Don't I wish.

This morning was nice after being up at 3 am for 2 hours, but I digress. I took to 'retail therapy' and enjoyed a few hours of solitude wondering the aisles of World Market and Target. I also had a filling and healthy lunch with my friend Corrina, who also supplied me with a very yummy Venti-Decaf-Almond-Latte from her workplace, the mega-coffee-shop, Starbucks. I picked up my favorite CD from a friends house on the way home and then took a 2 hour nap. When I woke up feeling rejuvenated naturally I headed outdoors to rake the front lawn. The pine cones and needles were literally piling up in the driveway and driving me nuts.

Steve is now on his way home and bless his heart he's bringing the fixins for Hot Dogs (the natural kind) and coleslaw.. and maybe- just maybe he can find a fresh pineapple. Cause what 40 week pregnant lady should do without what she wants. If I want a fresh pineapple darn it all... My last pregnant demand! :-) And anyway it's an old wives tale eating an entire fresh pineapple will make you go into labor.

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Rina said...

Hey there. I like the new blog. I love all the pictures. I havn't read everything yet, but I'm catching up.