Tuesday, September 25, 2007

September Showers bring October Babies???

If it can work for April rain and May daisies.. why not??

Speaking of showers, Sunday Sept. 23rd, I was blessed so overwhelmingly at my baby's Shower! My sister Christy and my mother Susan hosted it for me. Christy is an expert party planner by hobby and did a fabulous job. The colors were yellow, green and purple. We had ribbons, flowers, a very fun diaper cake (Thanks to Ashley) and 30 wonderful guests to boot!

My mother, upon request from the depths of my heart, made my favorite cake- the Pineapple Mandarin Cake. We even had a small portion to share with Steve afterwards.

My sister not only coordinated all the yummy treats (grandious fruit trays, cheese balls/crackers, veggie trays, nuts, punch...) she laid out a Baby Food testing Game! From the look on the girls faces I'm a bit concerned about feeding this stuff to my kid!

Such generosity is overwhelming! And to be the center of attention is humbling. All of the gifts were just wonderful, and the blessing of having the support of so many wonderful women in my life was touching. My mother shared a selection from 'You are Captivating' a devotional on Motherhood and prayed blessing on all the new mothers (see future post for copy of selection.)

If I could list all the wonderful treats bestowed upon us I would, but I'm going to pick a few in particular... From my mother, a handmade texture blanket- the binding is the satin used to make my Bridesmaid dresses 3 and 1/2 years ago!

Also, our associate pastor and his wife gave us 'The Rhyme Bible Storybook', the most creative and wonderfully illustrated book of Bible stories!

I wanted to get an entire group photo but it did not happen. So, for your viewing pleasure I'll include a shot of what I'll call my 'homebirth gals'.

Clockwise, starting with Me, Bethany (a homebirther, and my dearest
friend), Gwen (another homebirther and friend), Wesley (born at home,
son of Gwen), Lisa (my midwife and mentor), and Brandy (former
co-apprentice, now midwife, friend).

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Susan Naish said...

It was such fun to be a part of your shower, Katie. It was great spending 5 days with you during that time. The best part was being able to just be your mom, not a nurse, or missionary, or any of the other roles in life God has called me to be. This is the role I, as your mom, was created for. But now, I wait with anticipation for another high and holy role of grandmotherhood! Much prayer has been offered for this child. I love the Word to us in Psalms 90:16 "Let your work be manifest to your servants, and your glorious power to their children." God promises to show His power to this new little one! "The counsel of the Lord stands forever, the plans of His heart from generation to generation" Ps. 33:11 God promises he will give you and my coming grandchild His counsel and unfold His plans in your lives. I love and pray these powerful and sure promises for all my children and the coming generations. I am so happy to be, Your Mom