Friday, September 14, 2007

Sorry Dara!!!

This morning after waking earlier than normal, stumbling into the bathroom, rushing to fix breakfast and swinging back by the potty, I wanted to kiss my man goodbye before leaving.

As I rounded the corner moving fairly fast for a pregnant lady I hit, what I thought was a log or some sort of fallen tree limb in the doorway and-- I went flying. Thankfully I landed safely on hands and knees- not on belly or head. I observed two things at that moment. #1- it was not a log or fallen tree that was assaulted but in fact was the dog laying in the bedroom doorway. And #2, my husband sure can move fast when motivated. I flew... and so did he- out of bed to my rescue. Poor fellow was scared to death and poor Dara limped off sulking. I assume there was no internal damage caused to my poor puppy, as she was alive and wagging when I came home this evening.

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