Friday, February 5, 2010

Maximizing Time and Space

What else? MORE freezer cooking! (I'm starting to think it's an addiction...)

-Today I made a chicken, rice and bean burrito filler and froze two portions.
-Currently there is a 3x portion of pizza dough rising in the oven, waiting to be used tonight and portioned and frozen.
-I cooked 4 lbs of chicken; it's cooling now and will be chopped and portioned and frozen.
-And L and I are going to get crackin' on making cookie dough to freeze and enjoy.
-My hope for Sunday is to obtain the veggies needed to portion what is needed to make our favorite meal, Moroccan Black Bean Stew, as well as more Chicken tetrazzini.

Go ahead, Laugh all you want (it is a bit ridiculous ...) but MAN life will be that much easier after Baby K2 arrives.

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