Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Freezer Cooking Followup:

Well, the great Freezer Cooking Day was interrupted by other things. We spent the morning with some friends talking and enjoying each other. I rushed home to put L down for a nap and then the fun began. And exactly 1 3/4 hour later L was up and we rushed out the door. (Mommy got to go out on a Mommy Date sans children!)

In a mad rush I was able to brown the sausage, mix and back the meatballs and scramble the eggs. Tonight I loaded the meatballs into the freezer and am currently baking 4 small loaves of banana bread. Tomorrow I'll assemble the burritos after obtaining the wax paper from the grocery store (foil is not microwavable for obvious reasons, and plastic wrap is--- icky.) Tomorrow I'll need to grind my wheat for the rest of the baking as well.

What I'm learning?
It's not hard to prepare/cook/bake in bulk, but it is hard to do it all in one day.
For me it's going to be a slower process than with other moms, but I'm still really pleased at the opportunity to 'put back' food for a later date. And I'm on the learning curve still, this being the first time and all. But I'm already thinking of things that I can add to my list of recipes to package up before March.

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