Friday, February 5, 2010

In other news...

L has been an absolute puzzle maniac lately. He's learning more how to put them together, understanding what the corners and flat sides are. It's the only thing he wants to do! (Thank goodness we have a moderate variety!) He's breezing through the set labeled for 3+ and I'm going to be on the lookout for more challenging ones.

While mama's been in the kitchen he's been napping mostly, but helping as well. He is always up for playing in the sink, or measuring out spoonfuls of flour. I multitasked as well, completeing the gigantic task of transferring my childhood family home videos to DVDs. It only required a few brain cells to pause recording and stick in another tape. But we're talking nigh unto 20 tapes. Next to record is the remainder of our personal family videos and then the moster tv and recording paraphernalia can be removed from our house! Something I've been longing for!

L's been VERY fixated on one particular friend the past few days. Unfortunately for us, this family is on vacation! L's sweet little brain is foggy with wanting to see, play with, show and tell and simply be in the general proximity of his little buddy. We called our friend already once this week and they jabbered to each other for like 15 seconds (I think that only served to fuel L's fire.) And I've resorted to declaring that we can do (insert things/toy/activity) next week when our friend comes to visit. They don't know this yet, but they MUST come over for a playdate!

We're both still a little under the weather but pulling out of the funk I believe. Today he's extra drippy and hasn't eaten much, I'm going to try and head a flareup off by the trusted standby's: Vit C and herbal cough syrup. Say a prayer for us!

Baby K2 is doing well. We had a prenatal visit yesterday and all is on track. Our last visit revealed I had gained 4 lbs in 2 weeks... a bit, er... excessive. Much to my delight, (unintentionally) this week the scales showed only 1 lb gained. See, it all evens out! Baby must have had a growth spurt or something! But he/she is in there squirming around and basically behaving itself. Thankfully, staying head down as well! We're cruising right along!

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