Friday, March 21, 2008

Old McLevi had a farm E- I- E- I- O

It's been very exciting around the house lately. We have had visitors (my parents) and been very productive in the back yard. To just give you an idea of what it was like, imagine a jungle... that's all, just a jungle. Oh alright I exaggerate a weeeee little bit. But just a little!

Not only was it jungle-ish.. it was the backyard formerly known as junk yard. So, everywhere you look you see glistening bits of glass, hunky pieces of metal protruding from the ground, and enough bricks to build a nice sized dog house.

This all changed last weekend. I'll let Levi tell you the story!

Hi Ya'll!

I'm just sitting here, strapped into my bouncy seat. Why you ask? Because Mama, Granna and Pop are working on the Yard. Daddy is at work today but yesterday he worked hard.

Daddy drug the loud Tractor round and round the yard 'mulching' the bushes. It's much clearer now. When I'm bigger Daddy and I can play catch back there. He says he wants to plant some fruit trees. But Mama is thinking it would be a great space for a pen for a milk goat.

I enjoyed testing out the tractor with Pop. He helped me push the button that sounded the horn. It starttled me but I didn't cry. I'm a big boy now... 5 months old you know.

For the ground breaking ceremony (literally), I was moved to a new location. I napped.

I watched as the first ever Koehn family garden emerged from the ground. There was much fuss over getting this part of the yard ready. Mama says I'll not have to eat canned veggies, but I'm not sure what canned veggies are. I'm a breastmilk man, myself.

First step: Plow

Second Step: Toss out the junk... my that pile is growing!

Third Step: Till it 'til the cows come home.

I was able to get in on the action at this point. I supervised!

Step Four: plant seeds. Mama already did that.. and we have sprigs of life! The lettuce and marigolds are already sprouting! Isn't God's creation wonderful!

Wow, Levi that was such a great description of what we did this weekend. And might I add, you were a perfect angel the whole time!

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