Monday, March 24, 2008

"Date Night! Sat-ur-day night!" 'You gotta date?' "Nah."

Tonight we had our first date since the baby was born! My mom kept Levi while we went to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays and coffee/desert at Barnes and Noble. We browsed around looking at nothing in particular but enjoyed the freedom. Concluding the evening with a quick run into Lifeway and a zip by our friends house to deliver a few borrowed things.

Overall it was weird. It didn't quite seem like 'before' baby, but it was not that I thought of him constantly cutting into the time away. Somewhere in the middle. Perhaps it was because I trust my mom with him, had just fed him before leaving and planned to return home in a relatively short amount of time.

Before I delivered Levi I was the typical emotional pregnant lady, and cried over the truck being a two seater and how we would "never again be riding in the truck together." Now what that really meant to me was C-H-A-N-G-E. After dabbing away the tears I concluded that the truck would be our date vehicle! That somehow would satiate my need for riding in the truck, which represented the life as I had known it. Now having had little Levi, and not riding in the truck in Five months, it seems a trifle thing. None the less my darling hubby remembered that and you guessed it, we took it on our date!

I think our date tonight will have refreshing effect on me. We enjoyed the lightheartedness of our conversation over dinner. Life has turned into a machine since the kid arrived, so in the future date nights will have to be put on the calendar. And not once every five months. Enjoy your freedom pre-children friends!

Another bonus of family visiting from out of town is the ability to work on projects. I was able to pull out my trusty sewing machine and whip out a few stuffable diapers and work on Green Tea Bags. I'm enjoying the instant gratification, as Gwen put it. They're so quick and easy and are creative and useful. How much better can it get?

Check back here to see more pictures from this weekend. I haven't had the time to get them posted but they will be fun! Or at least funny looking!

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