Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Battle of the Bottle...

Tonight we tried for the first time to feed Levi with a bottle. Now it's not just any bottle, it's the super cool, super stylish (super expensive) Adiri Bottle. Now the thing is, it's supposed to look, feel and otherwise mimic a booby. Ask Levi and he'll tell you he's "nobody's fool, that's not my mama!" It started off with weird milk, maybe it's the freezer, maybe it's my novice packaging, but somehow someway the milk tasted to me like green beans. I'm thinking that's not normal. So we opened other packages of milk from the freezer, less greenbeany but still not mama. So, Steve frustrated at his fruitless efforts, handed me the crying child. I took him gave him the real deal and he fell asleep.
I guess we'll try it again later. And I guess tomorrow will not in fact, be the first day Levi stays home with Daddy while Mama goes to school. These days pass way too quickly so in my heart of hearts I'm warm and fuzzy that he's my baby and I have the privilege of nourishing him and watching him grow. Too soon he'll be running from my arms!

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Rina said...

Hey there. That is a really cool bottle. He's getting so big! I'm sure he'll get used to it. Miss you. We're going to see my parents this weekend, but I'm off on Tuesday. Maybe we can hang out?