Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 3rd: Best part of my day

Today we ventured out of our four walls. As spontaneity would have it, we jumped in the van with little planning to go to A'ville for a few days. My aunt and cousins were vacationing in the mountains and it was a great and rare opportunity to visit. It has been years. I mean YEARS. See, they live in Florida and I in SC.  The drive up was smooth enough. Lots of new-again toys and books to pass the time. Upon arrival we hit up moms favorite discount store. The really fun part started when I realized the 'hide-a-key' was not there. or anywhere. With the thoughts of sleeping in the van, I texted said cousin and just let them know our little predicament. Then, the heavens broke open, in quite literally a providential meeting. We were invited to join them at their cabin! Praise YHWH a real bed and bathroom! And sweet fellowship and lots of laughs to share! But as you can see, the best part of my day were those two little rascals. They did a super job in the car and I love them!

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