Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 10th: Your favorite color

Just because I should be talking about my kids doesn't' mean I have to.
Aren't these the best colors *ever*.

Ok, here's a snippet of our day:
Trip to Target:
No, children we aren't getting any legos,
shoe section,
me containing kids in buggie,
plastic baggie section,
no, we aren't getting those horribly unhealthy fruit imitation thingies- no i don't care they're shaped like transformers....,
shampoo section,
N., Sit down now!,
mascara section,
L., Stay on this aisle!
*ahhhh, polish section!*
check out line,
shampoo hitting the floor...
Please, dear Lord, don't let me throttle my kids in front of anyone!

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