Saturday, September 25, 2010


N. is such a joy to have! He's so sweet and cuddly and happy! Even as he is working on cutting tooth 7 and 8 he's just as happy as can be! (more slobber however.) Yes, That's almost 8 teeth at 6 1/2 months. (!) He weighs about 17 lbs and is bigger than L. was at this point. L. has always been slender. N. is long and chunky.

He's doing great with sitting up, he can go for quite a few minutes without loosing balance and tumbling. He love the exersaucer (thanks christy!) and being in his bumbo seat at dinner time. He is almost crawling, ie he is semi crawling by scooting around best he can, and has picked his torso up a few times over the past 2 days.

Yes, we still 'do' EC (elimination communication) and he's an ol' pro. If he misses a potty-tunity it's because mama was too busy, but he always lets me know he has a need.

THis picture I attached is so perfectly descriptive of who he is! Smiley and happy!

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