Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Grandmother's Visit:

As an adult I realize that these quick family visits may never stick in L's young brain. But I hope that even the fuzziest memories can be recalled years from now by viewing these precious pictures. Our visits were filled with playfulness, smiles and sweets! We learned new and exciting things: Great-Grandma N. is the proud owner of many talking/singing smiley face dolls, as well as a pretty shiny bead necklace, a bird named Tweety and a fantastic and rather extensive spoon collection. Great-Grandmom has a fascinating bed with remote that makes it go up and down and up and down... you get the picture, and lots of family photos to look at, and a drawer full of fun things to explore (the calculator was the favorite.) Over all, a quick trip up is hard but completely worth it!


..... Carmen said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! The slippers (French Press) fit wonderfully and don't flop around at all. I found the key was trying them on every few minutes during the felting process so they'd be an exact fit. I put them on every day since I've knit them :)

Knit Wit said...

in reply to your comment on my blog:

NO- no toddlers here! My "baby" will be 7 in February, and all 3 are in school now. I think when I posted that, he was still at home, but old enough to play with me while I knit.