Saturday, December 12, 2009


You might wonder why we would care about and celebrate the holiday of Chanukah as we're not Jewish. SO here's the short version: The God of the Old Testiment never changed through Jesus' death, burial and resurrection. He is still the creator, sustainer and protector of his children (e.g. Adam and Eve, Noah and the Macabees). We celebrate Chanukah because God (Yahweh) performed a miracle there... just like the rest of the OT miracles we learn about and celebrate. The miracle was when the temple was regained by the Jewish people, cleansed of pagan worship (a very vile desecration) and worship resumed there... the place that Yahweh set aside to come meet His people intimately (that's heavy, man.) There was not enough oil to keep the lamps continually burning but by faith they were lit, and they remained lit as the oil did not run out, thus the lighting of the menorah. The festivities of Chanukah may be traditional but the Feast of Dedication IS mentioned in scripture. (John 10:22) We enjoy celebrating Yahweh all through the year because it is our heritage as well.

This is our first Chanukah:

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