Friday, November 27, 2009

Frist Hair Cut:

I cried for 5 minutes solid.

Background might help... We have had a love-hate relationship with L.'s beautiful curls for a a while now. Steve and I both just couldn't bear the thought of cutting his gorgeous baby hair. It has such a lovely curl to it, so delicate and innocent.. that is until it started to MATTE up. After bathtime was the best, after nighttime was the worst. Every mother knows the fine baby hair just doesn't want to cooperate. Detangler and a comb could fix the knotted problem but it was wearing on my patience.

Thursday morning before leaving for Thanksgiving lunch, I was in position with a squirmy kiddo, the detangler spray and comb and thought *sigh*, "It sure would be easier to not be dealing with this..." So I mentioned it to Steve. He brought the scissors to me but I just couldn't do it. The mother in me couldn't take away the innocent curls of my firstborn, my baby, my boy! So, Steve did.

In a matter of seconds his lovely lock was gone. And I cried. For a long time. Steve took the lock and glued the end to keep it bound together, and later I placed it lovingly in a keepsake box on my dresser. The significance for me is hard to explain in words. I feel a little better seeing the curl there, next to my lovely pregnancy photo, and L. at 5 months. Stages of life, a very fluid and very fast time. I love every minute of it.
Best of all I can look forward to all the wonderful memories we will make as a family of four, with Baby #2. (If it's a girl, I'll never cut her hair!!)

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Charis & Judah's Mom said...

i cried, too. except i did cut it myself. i used clippers, and took the first swipe and almost fainted. i felt like my baby had moved out and was off to college. but the sadness will fade as you watch him grow and mature and when you see him love his new sibling! (and i still have a lock, too. nothing wrong with that!)