Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Conversation with a two year old...

I can't believe that my little baby boy and I have conversations!
Today as we were entering the library I said, 'If you want to run we can!'
To which he replied, 'Not run, just walk!'
so we walked...

In other news: I'm taking a 7 day Green smoothie challenge! Yes... it's dumbed down version of the 30 day challenge. Happy Foody has the motivational pep talk (and how-to video) I needed jump in! I've only thought about starting it like a million times. So here I am, pleased with myself and the first green smoothy I so very clumsily concocted. She has the fancy blender I could never afford.. but between the juicer, blender and 43 different bowls, spoons and knives I succeeded in Day 1 smoothy making. Tomorrow I'm going to just dump it all into my sad little blender to see what happens. Day 1 smoothie was near perfect texture though. I might just have to employ all electrical appliances to get my health on track. I confess I have had horrible horrible horrible nutrition lately. Thus the green smoothie challenge.

Enjoy it with me, wont you? Here's to our health! (Oh- and baby #2 is flipping... literally.. over it! :)

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Head Lima Bean said...

i love green smoothies! come over one afternoon and we can make them...we use frozen bananas, strawberries and whatever fruit we have plus baby spinach! our sad little blender makes them for us too...but when i was at the sams club the other day and saw a vitamix demo i was in serious lust mode.