Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tennessee Trip July 11- 15

Our trip to Tennessee was great! We enjoyed hanging out with my dad and Tara. My sister and her hubby were here for a day as well! We spent time at the pool, watching videos/TV and eating lots.. the stuff GREAT vacations are made of. With the kid size pool and helpful family I go to really enjoyed the swimming. Just around the corner is the Grand Ole' Oprey. We enjoyed walking around the convention center, where there is an incredible indoor garden. (There is even an indoor river with a boat in it!)

Other outings:
After a great Lebenese dinner, we visited a great park down town Nashville. It's just off Vanderbuilt Campus. There was a walking trail around a pond, an Air Force fighter plane from the 40's on display as well as an actual steam engine. If you havn't been directly next to a train you've not lived! It was amazing. HUGE, to say the least.

We took L. to his first movie Theater experience, which was a sucess. He was captivated for most of the film. Of course the big animated elephant was a fairly interesting thing to watch in Horton hears a Who.

We visited the actual Grand ole Opry, we went into the gift store and through their free museum. It was interesting enough, considering I'd never heard of 99.9% of the people. (I knew Elvis, and Minnie Pearl...)

But above all we enjoyed being together with family!

Under construction:
Will be adding a few more pics when they arrive.. thanks for your patience!

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