Monday, August 18, 2008

Family Vacation!

For our first family vacation we traveled by plane and car. It was a super-duper great time with family. We love them. In chronological order we visited: S's uncle and aunt, S's parent's friends, S's parents, S's sister's family, S's Aunt, 14 of S's High School pals, S's Grandma B, My dad and his family, S's childhood friend and his family and S's parents again. I think it will be less time consuming to simply give you the count, so without further ado...

Here's the fun and extensive 2008 Family Vacation count:
1 long term parking spot
4 plane rides
1 new learned computer game
2 excited cousins
1 GIANT bon fire
0 mosquito bites
4 hours at Lake Michigan beach
1 new hair cut
100's of laughs
2 hours in Ikea Canton, MI
9 home-made loaves of Naan
3 thrift stores
1 visit to Cleveland Zoo
1 nap through the butterfly garden
4 Subway sandwiches
10 outdoor walks
8 Olympic medals to what's-his-name (we watched them all.)
51 pounds of midwifery books shipped home
3 rounds of corn hole
10 hands of Texas Hold em'
6 home-cooked meals
15 cloth diapers
2 o'clock AM when we arivved home.

And because we ended up with only a smattering of photos this is not all inclusive... sorry to those who didn't make the cut... we love you dearly! But apparently we didn't care enough to take your pictures. Actually I think our battererys went dead.

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