Friday, February 22, 2008

From now on...

I vow to write more interesting things on my blog. Or simply write things..

Anyone out there like to save a buck or two? Check out She is so sly! I find that her method of 'working the system' is helpful for the budget. Clipping coupons and reading sale pages seem to be a lifetime ago, though I was a devout follower for a few years in early marriage. "I just don't have the time for it" has been the excuse. BUT she does the work for you.. mostly.

When a store is stupid--er, I mean... wonderful enough to give you money back on certain items (which most Americans use daily), I'll take advantage of that savings for sure. So, CVS here we come.

I learned a valuable lesson today. Walmart does not accept manufacturer's coupons- apparently they don't get the reembursement. (Venders, yes- and competitor price matching- yes.) Sadly I walked away without the yummy cereal for steve (that would have cost me .49) or the two free bags of Flat Earth chips. If you haven't tried Flat Earth I highly reccomend them. Especially free ones. Yummy!

Well, on the home front...
Levi is currently sleeping soundly (Praise God) with his daddy in the bed. And I'm relieveing my strained brain by blogging a bit. I have been studying for about 3 hours. Bradycardia... preeclampsia...HELLP (that's actually a syndrome not my desperate cry)...blood pressure...edema.... proteinuria. Sounds like fun- anyone???

Well, better hit the sack. Tomorrow will be a FUN day but long. The plan: 930 pick up Gwen, hit up CVS for the new weeks sales, then head over to the super-duper-coolest-ever Goodwill and play for a few hours. The Levi and I are saying goodbye for now to daddy (he has to work this weekend) and hello to (not so) Hotlanta. We'll be picking Granna up there and staying with my sister for a visit.

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