Sunday, February 17, 2008

The BEST Goodwill Ever

So not much is new around here. We are doing well and on the happy side of the street. Levi is a bundle of joy and laughs. This past week was Valentines Day... so I asked Steve what he wanted, knowing good and well I already had my desires all thought out. He asked for a home cooked steak dinner. So naturally I endulged my man. Steaks, garlic mashed potatoes and A1 sauce-a mans meal! I even included soda, which is a rarity at our place.

Of course I volunteered my thoughts on what I would like. No roses or chocolates... I batted my eyes and simply said $10.00. Oh and free time to play at the Goodwill. Now at most Goodwill Stores you can get a shirt and a pair of slacks for 10$ and that would be a super great deal. But if stores could be soulmates, I have found mine! This is the Goodwill Clearance Center... everything is $1 a pound! I must interject that the items that arrive here, for whatever reason, are a variety of nice, name brand clothing to wierd 80's prom dresses to decent tennis shoes and flip flops that are torn up. My first thought was it's going to be all junk, but not so!

The purchase is as follows:
for steve..
1 pair jeans
2 polo shirt
3 tee shirts
for me...
4 shirts
2 pair capris
2 pair pants
1 pair shoes
for Levi...
1 sweatshirt for next year
1 onesie
and about 10 books...

So the grand total.. since steve got in on the action .... $12.50. Yes the decimal is in the right place.

Happy Valentiens day to me!


kate's mommy said...

May I ask where this wonderful store is located? I would love to be able to check it out.

Head Lima Bean said...

i love love love that goodwill ... i've had many happy outings there recently and look forward to many more :) in the near future.
and i now know what i really want for my birthday...$10 and 2 free hands to dig!