Monday, January 14, 2008

L. is Three Months Old:

Our dear sweet boy is three months old. Time has FLOWN by. It seems like some days go on forever (the colicky ones specifically) and yet the past three months have been like a moment. L. is such a part of who we are now, I can barely remember what it was like before him. Before seems empty in a way. He makes our family complete. Every day he's growing and changing. He's so exciting now! He's responsive to our smiles and funny faces. I have started reading to him and he studies the pages that I hold up for him to see. He really doesn't fancy being set down. And although my back is always a mess, I love to carry him everywhere. He will know he is loved and be secure for it. And for me, a secure child is worth a back ache. He has 'alone time' playing with his hanging toys, in front of the mirror (so mommy can get stuff done)... don't worry it's secure!!! Also, his bath time is such fun. He will kick and splash and kick some more! I just love it. I think the tub will be a great pass-time later. Daddy is really enjoying him more now that he is responsive to us. He is always talking and singing to him. Whatever they are doing that moment, he sings about it (and surprisingly able to rhyme near everything). L. is such a strong boy! He holds his head up, and prefers to be up on a shoulder to see what is going on. He looks like he has radar- scanning the room, back and forth. This is only a brief synopsis of how special, fun and unique our little whipper-snapper is. I looked back at his photos from birth and am amazed at who he's become. All that in just three little months! Isn't God amazing!

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