Monday, January 7, 2008

Catch up photos..

Okay, I admit it! I totally fell of track with keeping new photos posted so you can see my beautiful little man.. so I'm going to just jump in where we are... we spent the weekend before Chistmas at my sister's house in Atlanta enjoying great food and fun with family. (We missed you M.!!)

New Years Eve was great fun. S., L. and I rang in the new year with friends from Heart's Cry. We dressed up fancy for the event! (It was a costume party.) The highlites were... seeing my chiropractor done up like a 1970's "brother"... the Pastor freaking everyone out with the comb-over, front-butt, and terrificly chaotic outfit ... the white-elephant gift game featuring some dandy gifts (ie two potatoes, a broken chandelier, hemorrhoid cream, pregnancy test) ... and last but not least- watching in horror as at approximately 12:02 my husband joins the dance circle by spinning around in the floor on his back disco style to the song "Another one bites the dust"! Good times!
(insert picture here.. alas, I haven't received it yet! will post later...)

Our anniversary Jan. 2nd (4 years) was a quiet one spent at home together. We did enjoy a wonderful home-cooked Chinese meal by Chef Jennifer (our renter).

This past weekend we drove up to Asheville. L. got to meet his two Great-Grandmothers, and his Great Aunt. There was much oooing and bouncing. We also enjoyed some down time as well. It was actually a restful weekend.
(insert picture here of the meet and greet times... to come!)

Here are some fun photos of the boy...
This one is of him in my favorite NB outfit... it was officially retired around 2 months.When Aunt C. came for a visit in early December we caught on film a glimpse of the inner workings of this child's mouth. Thought you might enjoy. If you stare at it long enough he'll make you yawn too!!!

We aren't 100% sure what color the eyes will be.. fair to say either brown or green.
(My vote is green.)

And here he's enjoying himself while hanging out with Pops.
*notice the slightly small gown.. i think it has been retired as well.

Sorry to be out of order! This was taken back when Aunt C. came in early December. Our dear friends B., J., and L. were visiting. Such a sweet 'family' photo-- L. and L. might be an arranged marriage one day- we're working out the details.

And I'll continue to post these crazy out of order pictures for your viewing pleasure as soon as I get them from various family members cameras. Happy New Year, by the way!

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