Friday, February 8, 2013

Setting Yoda Free

Ok, so there is back story...

About a month or so ago my children found a baby snake at my moms house. The oldest, decided it was a perfectly sane pet. And what did we do about it? Bought a cage and many crickets. He named it Yoda. He loved him- kinda in that way Lenny loved the rabbit in 'Of Mice and Men'... not the good, safe, gentle love. So, mom limited the interaction to save her sanity and possibly the life of a little green gardner snake. That lasted a little while, however it got cold and Yoda began to psudo-hibernate. (If it goes into hibernation with temperatures not staying low enough the snakes metabolism wont slow enough and it will starve.) I didn't want that on my conscience! So, the catch and release program was installed. Here documents the release.

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