Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In the Meanwhile....

Uh... WELL, you were right. I didn't make it, but lest you think we all fell off the side of a mountain somewhere here is proof we're alive and kicking. We learned about Day 4 of creation at our homeschool co-op thus we were talking planets this last week. To be exact, Aug 6th, we made play dough planets. It was fun.  

And the rest of the time... where were we?
-Four people suffered from a *mean* stomach bug, not all at once-- no that would be too easy.. but over the course of a whole week. (Yes. All week long, someone was either puking or- the other thing.)
-I attended a lovely birth, and thus spent lots of brain power on the postpartum things a Midwife must think about.
-Steve taught at Friday night Bible Study. It was really good, the Trial of Faith! (available for your enjoyment online... just ask me how!)
-I'm sure there were lots of other bits of life that happened while i was MIA... alas I can't recall.

 Now you can breathe a sigh of relief because I have devised a plan to seamlessly continue my photo-journal of my kids and our life... Following July 14th... is naturally Aug 15th... see!?!
I'm brilliant.

Until then... don't forget how cute my kids are! 
L. has an unending need to catch frogs! 
It usually doesn't end very well for the frog.

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