Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 Snow

Yes. Twice in one year. What a record! (The first was in January.)

Today we woke to the most beautiful dusting of snow! Maybe it is just 1-2 inches but it's a special event! We all put on two pair of pants and the kids each three shirts... L has enjoyed walking around in it, slicing it with his pirate sword, kicking it and eating it- fresh from the lawn. I kept N in the sling, but let him reach to the snow. He didn't seem to be overly excited about the cold (he was ready for a nap anyway!) L however can't stand himself and wants to return to his white bliss. So we will venture out to make snow cream but first I will lay N. down for a nap. Today we also went to visit Daddy at work, and had a little snowball fight in the parking lot. Visiting Daddy give L something to distract him from mundane mama. Oh and yes, that is hot cocoa on his mouth!

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