Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Date Night: The Saga

Tonight my mother afforded us a date night. She so sweetly came to our house around 4:30 and we headed out, with no real plan set. I had been scheming all day as to where I wanted to go on our date. This isn't our first day since N. was born, but the anticipation and the moment of freedom was delectable.

As we left out we began discussing our options. Sushi?...No. Wings?... Nah. Pizza?... yeah!... oh, darn. Well, the 3$ slice pizza is a cheap-o idea but I was hoping for something a bit more... eh-hem.. shall we say romantic? But since Darling Hubby really was stuck on Pizza Joint we agreed and somewhere in the mix he agreed to go to 'my' choice of place next, tunring our evening into restaurant hopping. We really enjoyed the XL slices... one BBQ Chicken and one Tree Hugger. Highly recommended.

On the way to 'my' choice, @116 State St., we popped in to Bill's Pickin' Parlor. S. browsed for a few minutes and we left. I secretly hoped they were having some sort of show, but that apparently is on Fridays. We arrived at @116 and decided on splitting 1 Tapas and a coffee. Wowzer! The flank steak and mashed potatoes topped with blue cheese was fantastic! Slightly lacking in bulk, but what you would expect for a tapas, at a decent price. The coffee was a spectacular Kahlua Mocha Latte- Grande! We had a good laugh recalling the first line of a favorite movie: "Excuse me miss, there seems to be a mistake. I believe I ordered the large cappuccino. Hello?!"

As we left the cafe I was determined to continue our food fun and insisted that we go get sushi... just a taste since I have never had REAL sushi. Miyo's was lovely and we ordered the smallest item on the sushi list: 2 pieces of salmon sushi. I loved it. Next date night we're going for sushi! About the time we were wrapping up at Miyo's and I was planning the wings and cupcake stops, the phone rang.

It was my mom, and L. and N. in the background, screaming. "How much longer are you going to be???" she asked. " L.... stuck... finger...come quickly! click."

Hmmmm. Needless to say we called her back and ran to the car.

Turns out it was a simple task to remove his finger from a pencil sharpener once we realized what the issue was. This is the second time he's been stuck in the pencil sharpener and hopefully the last. No wings or cupcakes tonight. But we had a great night out and two loving children to return to. (N. never would take a bottle...)

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