Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Helping Mama:

I just love learning more about Montessori type education. I was inspired by another mama online and her encouragment 'we don't live around him, we involve our child.' My goal is to begin teaching him, include more hands on activities, even added responsibilities.  So, today I involved L. and he did a wonderful job! We started out our day with L. getting dressed with mama's help. He really is capable of LOTS that I simply am not patient enough to allow him to complete. Before if I were working in the kitchen or trying to focus on another task he would fight the task for my attention, but today he was contented to work next to me. Here are a few pictures of what HE did. 

Cutting a banana with a (plastic) knife. 

Here he was learning how to wash dishes. 
And yes, the rug got a little damp, but that was fine! 

Not Pictured:
He rearrainged the silverware drawer ( i didn't appreciate that one!)

Poured and stirred our hot ceareal breakfast

Fed himself most of his breakfast with out help

Played the drum with chop sticks and the counter top 

I know everyone gets tired of hearing a parent brag, but just trust me this little boy is smart. (He's even cunning at times.) He knows a great number animal sounds and lots of words including, but not limited to: phone, hi, byebye, hello, train, plane, book, read, breakfast (we worked on that today), bread, snack, cat, baloon, ride (bike), eat, water, chip, juice, cheese (the FAVORITE food we have to limit!), smoothie, daddy, oh and the list could just keep going, but my mind is tired. I'll add more as i think of them!:) 

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Catherine said...

Have you heard of Mommy Teach Me and Mommy Teach Me to Read by Barbara Moore. I recommend both. I started out teaching Riley from an early age and he's caught on to things very quickly.

Your little Levi is uber cute! Enjoy these days...I look at my nearly 5 yr old and can't believe how fast the years go by!!