Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Tooth, and nothing but the Tooth

Spring has sprung. Not only has the pollen arrived, giving the tell-tale yellow dusting all over everything, but the azalea is in full bloom outside our back door and the trees are cheerfuly budding. The garden has been plowed and is waiting to receive little sprigs of plants. They began their journey in peat pots, in a red coke crate, in a black container, under the window, on the sun porch... in our house! (The coke crate was for ease of access and the black container helps to water them continually.) Anyway, they have germinated and are just about 1-2 inches tall. I'm very excited about the new life, the prospect of a bountiful garden and the new season.

As the seasons change, time passes and my little one gets one day older. It's life, you know. But as you may have guessed from the title, his first little tooth has emerged. Just like the big boy tomatoes and the zucchini squash, in what has seemed like mere days Levi has sprouted his first tooth. The drool and constant gnawing have finally paid off. It has broken through! So will there be a bountiful vegetable harvest this summer? I hope so.. Will Levi be able to partake of it? Quite possibly-- He's well on his way to being an herbivore. I'll miss the gummy smile!

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